Our meats are marinated then grilled fresh over hot Lava Rocks searing the meat and its juices. Then topped off with our lava sauce for a taste you will crave. No oils or additives, just healthy great tasting food.


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Your Neighborhood Fix

Lava Grill


3650 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121


Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm


Grilled Salmon

Salmon Box W/ Veggies

Tasty salmon grilled fresh daily.  Savory and healthy... Taste the difference!

Grilled Pork

Pork Box w/ Veggies

Succulent pork marinated and grilled for a taste like no other... Flowing with flavor!

Grilled Beef

Beef Box

Beef marinated is our flavorful sauce, then grilled... Warning it's very addicting!

Grilled Chicken

Chicken Box

We take marinated chicken and grill it to perfection...  Chicken on the rocks, delicious!

Grilled Short Ribs

Beef Ribs Box

Grilled over hot lava rocks and topped with our special sauce.  Kalbi so tender and juicy!

At Lava Grill we believe good food should be shared.  We appreciate your feedback and support :)  Check out what's on the  menu.

Lava Noodles

Lava Noodles Box

Delicious noodles with mixed vegetables and grilled chicken...  or your choice of protein.